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  • Bin Li says:

    Why few people participate in WEA conferences? In my opinion, the answer is the lack of freedom and democracy. Only an author of a WEA journal article is eligible to post in the WEA blog, this is an evidence of my opinion. Is WEA distinct from other mainstream organization? I do not think so, although WEA takes the revolution of economics as its mission. In fact, WEA flatters various current economics, it is conservative and disappointing. The rights of speech were held by some authors all along, and the reader mass only have the opportunity to observe their performances. However, the authors actually have no any skeme to reform economics, only complaints day by day. WEA has no interest to listen to the common readers and common authors, no interest to look for real new thoughts. Many WEA authors criticize economics while pretending to be the “experts” of economics. Since economics is allegedly at the pre-science stage, how did they know what economic expertise should be? This is ironic. As an initial member of WEA, my advise is that an online open forum could be established by WEA, the rule of free speech should dominate the forum. New economics will not come until discussions become open, active even hot, and everlasting. Thanks.